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Born in 1953 in Buenos Aires, where he lives at present, his profession as Public Accountant does not hide a past of changing and sometimes stormy destinations.

He undertakes various tours in Uruguay and Southern Brazil, travelling also in Argentina, in groups or solo. During 2007/2008 he tours part of the South and the California Sierras, on a Triumph Bonneville, rented in San Francisco.

During august and September 2009 he follows the Silk Road in Central Asia. This voyage of over 12000 km. was done solo in order to have a more direct connection with the inhab-itants of these mythical regions. With this purpose in mind, he avoided staying at hotels or usual tourist accommodations, preferring to find a place in family homes and nomad yurtas. Cohabitation was made easy by the fact that all the dwellers of Central Asia currently use Russian as their lingua franca. This adventure submerged him in the romanticism of Schehe-razade and the infinite nights of Bukhara, in the itinerant world of the caravans which traced and outlined continents and deserts, within the world of cultural, ethnical and commercial crossroads, and finally built the reality of our present world.

At the end of his voyage he was invited by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona to lecture on the subject of "Frontiers", in the Màster Europeu en Mediació Intermediterrània. On his return to Buenos Aires, the Universidad de Buenos Aires invited him to lecture on the theme of "Frontiers and Identity Formation".

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