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Born in Adrogué, Buenos Aires in 1985. University graduate in History and Philosophy at the Universidad Católica Argentina, currently finishing her career as Cinema Director at the Universidad del Cine. Her thesis for this diploma will tackle the theme of nomadism in the contemporary documentary cinema.

She works as assistant lecturer for the course of Script II at Universidad del Cine.

Her first short as director is "Guernica" (2009), an outspoken hommage to Andrei Tarkovski. The work was part of the official venue at the Competencia Oficial de Cortos Argentinos at the 12th BAFICI (Festival de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires, april 2010) and has been screened in international circuits.

She collaborated as assistant director in many shorts produced by the Universidad del Cine (2007-2010) She worked as an assistant director of the movie "El recuento de los daños" (2009) and the short "Guillermina P." (2010), both directed by Inés de Oliveira Cézar.

She worked as an assistant editor of "El recuento de los daños" and as editor of "Guillermina P".

Working in advertising since 2008.

Since 2004 she has travelled in Argentina, to Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and other Latin American countries. These trips have one thing in common: plenty of enthusiasm and little money. This philosophy is applied in the extreme when she travels to Rome in 2006 with only six euros to last her a week.

She develops an early passion for motorbikes. Her only siblings being brothers, she must adapt to their rhythms and tastes.
Her first bike is a Zanella Fire 50, that, at ten years of age, she buys and shares with her cousins. This one was followed by a Yamaha Axis, and a Honda XR 100. Presently she rides a humble Suzuki AX 100, with which she travels near and far.

Inés de Oliveira Cézar

Ramón de Oliveira Cézar